Software Development

We’ve developed everything from mobile applications for household names to line of business applications for large enterprises to prototypes for start-ups.

Kodez has extensive experience working with organizations of all sizes to efficiently deliver high quality secure solutions.

How Kodez can help you

Whether you need help defining and breaking down a challenging problem, modernizing legacy applications, specific engineering and development expertise or uplifting your security posture through app-sec training Kodez can assist.  

Additional capacity when you need it

At times, organizations may encounter capacity challenges and find themselves in need of additional team members who possess specific skills spanning a wide range of languages and technologies. That's where Kodez comes in, providing a seamless solution by swiftly deploying top-tier technical talent to help you overcome resourcing crunches and capacity hurdles.

On and offshore capability

Our clients enjoy the flexibility of being able to leverage our global presence with consultants and engineers located in both Australia and Sri Lanka. This allows us to offer the flexibility of both on and offshore and hybrid teams at competitive rates extending your budget without a reduction in quality or speed of delivery.

Focus on continuous learning

Kodez places great importance on continuous learning, ensuring that all staff members have access to a training budget, personal development days, and internal training sessions. This commitment guarantees that our team stays up to date with the latest advancements in their respective skillsets, ultimately benefiting you by leveraging the most cutting-edge developments in the industry.

Teaching and Training background

Our team of consultants and engineers comprises individuals who have established themselves within their local development communities. Our consultants and engineers have published books, speak at user groups and conferences, current or previous industry ambassadors (Auth0 and Microsoft MVP program) and have developed training content for Pluralsight and A Cloud Guru. This track record demonstrates the depth of knowledge and industry influence possessed by our team, ensuring that you receive top-tier expertise and insights for your projects.

Security Focused

At Kodez, we recognize that security is an absolute necessity. As a development consultancy with a strong focus on security, we are actively engaged in training our entire team through our comprehensive App-Sec training course. This initiative ensures that all our engineers and consultants possess a solid foundation of security knowledge, enabling us to consistently deliver secure solutions throughout the development process. With our rigorous security training, you can have complete confidence in the resilience and safety of the solutions we provide.

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