Alignment of Dev and Operations to facilitate rapid delivery of high-quality software

Building and retaining in-house DevOps capabilities is hard with a shortage of skilled and experienced practitioners, an ever-growing range of platforms and technologies to support and a varying work load.

Kodez excels in addressing your DevOps challenges, whether it's optimizing a sluggish build pipeline, enhancing security through integrating cutting-edge tooling and practices, or guiding you in adopting Infrastructure as Code to replace error-prone manual practices.

How Kodez can help

Kodez has years of extensive DevOps and cloud experience and expertise in most major platforms & technologies including Azure DevOps, GitHub, Terraform and Pulumi.

Some of the biggest businesses in Australia trusted Kodez to assist with their DevOps needs - we helped Seek automate the deployment of their Seek Business application and infrastructure deployment with AWS using BuildKite and designed a DevOps strategy for Fitness Passport.

Furthermore, Kodez extends its services with our DevOps as a Service offering. This innovative solution delivers on-demand, scalable access to a team of expert DevOps engineers and a comprehensive library of reference pipelines and steps streamlining common tasks.

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