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Kodez is a Melbourne based consultancy focused on secure software development.

We help customers across Australia with Software Development, DevOps and Identity.

Who we’re proud to partner with

"Amtek's relationship with Kodez over the past couple of years has been overwhelmingly beneficial. Working with Kodez has freed up our stakeholders to focus on delivering the best service to our customers without distraction, building significant revenue and reputation. We trust Kodez as our experts in the field to provide consistent results under a robust software development lifecycle where they take ownership and deliver quality output while giving honest updates and keeping us in the loop through regular meetings.We can't thank Kodez enough for what they've done for Amtek and are excited to see what we continue to produce together..”

Stuart Mills

IT & Compliance Manager
Amtek Corporations Pty Ltd

"Kodez has been an integral part of Fitness Passports transformation strategy in providing guidance, design, implementation, and support for a range of solutions enabling us to provide innovation and automation to our suppliers and customers.The main differentiation from other suppliers is their flexibility and that Kodez is cloud agnostic with expertise in a range of platforms (Azure & AWS) and not solely focused on one technology stack.”

Pradeep De Silva

General Manager Technology
Fitness Passport Pty Ltd

"Kodez helped us modernise our legacy architecture and deploy faster. From working through setting up a secure CI/CD process, migrating workloads to lambdas, setting up monitoring and alarms and coming up with a strategy to migrate user authentication to a 3rd party provider.  These gave us a real leg up to move fully to the cloud and set a platform migrate our monolith to microservices.”

Jeff Bonnes

Technical Team Leader

"Kodez have excelled at being a solid parter when it comes to Devops as a service, helping us to rapidly scale our global engineering team, with reliability and world class engineer experience”

Matthew Snowden


"Kodez have been amazing to work with. The consultants that worked with us have been some of the best professionals we had the pleasure of working with. They regularly step up and do above and beyond, bringing a wealth of experience to our organisation.  Kodez as a company are flexible and quick to respond. Over the past year, I have asked for people in a variety of roles and Kodez have always provided us with really good people in a very short period of time"

Idan Manor

Head of Engineering and Delivery - Digital
Kmart Australia Limited

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