Learn how we helped Fitness Passport with re-engineering their applications in the cloud

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Helping more Australians to lead healthier lifestyles

Fitness Passport gives Australians access to over 1,300 gym facilities around Australia. Individuals and families can join Fitness Passport but so too can businesses. This helps their staff to lead healthy lifestyles through tailored fitness programmes.

Increasingly popular with Australian employers, Fitness Passport needed a true Cloud-based solution to handle the growth in customer data needing to be aggregated and processed from multiple sources to create a market-leading experience for all individual and corporate users alike.

Their existing legacy system was proving incapable of scaling to the capacity and performance levels now needed by Fitness Passport. This on-prem system was holding Fitness Passport back. They urgently needed a solution that would be easy to maintain and enable business growth.

How Kodez helped Fitness Passport get into shape

As a respected Cloud services consultancy focused on lean operations, Kodez were ideally placed to help Fitness Passport deploy a new data aggregation and processing platform.

The ideal architecture for Fitness Passport was identified as AWS Microservices running in an AWS Lambda environment. This would provide the scalability to meet peak data processing demands and cost-effective operations.

Kodez worked with Fitness Passport to divide each processing domain into a discrete Microservice using .NET Core and SQL Server for the back-end database. Each Microservice had its own API with oAuth2 authentication and was developed in Angular for faster implementation.

Kodez ensured quality through every step and integrated the build artifacts and tests into the CI/CD pipeline with DevOps and DevSecOps best practices.

Kodez designers and front-end developers delivered a UI/UX the experience that delights users at Fitness Passport and makes information readily accessible.

Fitness Passport hit peak performance

Fitness Passport as a business now has the performance and agility of an elite athlete with their Kodez-delivered Cloud-based solution for customer data management.

DevOps Pipelines templates provide repeatability so the IT team can fabricate and demo new Microservices in weeks rather than months. This approach supports quick feedback cycles that engage stakeholders from the beginning.

Top-flight developers want to work at Fitness Passport so they can gain experience with this robust leading-edge implementation that leverages the potential of Cloud-based applications and DevOps.

Fitness Passport once again have a thriving business based on a technology platform that effortlessly manages peak demand and is underpinned by more granular security controls.

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Learn how we helped Fitness Passport with re-engineering their applications in the cloud
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