Mar 22, 2022

Modern Workplace & Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Virtual desktop infrastructure is crucial for enabling on-demand remote resource access and taking your desktops and apps to a new level of flexibility and efficiency. With Virtual desktops setups, you can be more agile and innovative while reducing infrastructure cost, streamlining your organization operations, and providing a secure user experience.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD)

Azure Virtual Desk top is a cloud-based desktop and app virtualization solution., Azure Virtual Desktop (previously Windows Virtual Desktop) may be set up in minutes. End customers will appreciate the familiarity and compatibility of Windows 11 or 10combined with the new scalable multi-session experience, and you'll save money by repurposing existing Windows licenses. Within the Azure portal, you can manage your whole Azure Virtual Desktop deployment as well as other Azure services.

General use cases:

Capabilities of Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop is managed using the Azure portal. You can configure network settings, add users, install desktop programs, and enable security. With Azure Shared Image Gallery, you can automate scaling and manage your images more effectively. Concentrate on your desktop applications and policies while Azure takes care of the rest.

User Profile Solution

As a user profile solution, the Azure Virtual Desktop offering have FSLogix profile containers. In remote computing environments like Azure Virtual Desktop,FSLogix is built to roam profiles. It keeps a user's whole profile in a single container and VM gets the user profile from the Azure file share.


This container is dynamically attached to the computing environment when you sign in, utilizing natively supported Virtual Hard Disk (VHD) and Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disk (VHDX) technologies.

Utilize the Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office integration

Offer users the same interaction they will get on a local desktop or laptop, such as managing their mailbox with Outlook, exchanging files with OneDrive, or communicating with colleagues on Microsoft Teams.


If you have a valid Windows or Microsoft 365 license, you may use Windows Enterprise PCs for free or if you are a Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS)Client Access License (CAL) user, you can access PCs powered by Windows Server Remote Desktop Services at no additional cost. You may access Azure Virtual Desktop for external users for a monthly cost per user, or you can utilize classic Pay as you go or Reserved Instance.

Better risk management

Safely host apps, grant regulated access to company data to overseas staff, and maintain compliance with industry standards such as HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOX, SOC 1, and SOC2.

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