May 16, 2023

Introducing: DevOps as a Service. A Cost-Effective Way to Get the Most Out of DevOps

DevOps done wrong can have several negative downstream business implications. One solution, DevOps as a Service, allows organisations to access industry leading DevOps expertise and tooling for a fixed monthly fee.

DevOps combines software development and IT operations to increase an organisation’s ability to deliver applications and services quickly. Although most businesses across Australia now realise its importance, many of us still aren’t getting it right.

The business implications of this are concerning. Done wrong, DevOps becomes just another siloed team. Slow deployment times, team disconnect, increased system and product downtime, and compliance issues all contribute to negative business implications and ultimate DevOps failure.

It’s difficult to attract and retain the specific range of DevOps engineers needed to make it work. This is partly due to the difficult career path of a DevOps engineer, but also to the stop-and-start nature of a newly formed DevOps project.

It’s a potential money pit if not done strategically and effectively the first time around. Most businesses don’t have the budget to try and fail before getting it right. Add varying SLAs, security, compliance and a disgruntled workforce to this and it’s easy to see why DevOps so often fails.

The solution? DevOps as a Service (DOaaS).


DevOps as a Service (DOaaS): An Overview

DOaaS delivers successful DevOps implementation without the upfront investment required to do everything in-house. It allows organisations to access tried-and-tested methodologies and best-in-class tooling on-demand, implemented and overseen by some of Australia’s leading DevOps experts.

DOaaS combines your business strengths with those of a specialist DevOps provider – such as Kodez. It gives back your time that’s needed elsewhere while simultaneously ensuring your DevOps strategy is a success.


How DOaaS Works

Subscription-Based Payment Model


While in-house DevOps expenses are unpredictable, you pay a DOaaS managed service provider a regular fee. Your fixed monthly fee allows you to scale up and down in the areas you need at any time.

This makes effective DevOps accessible for businesses that would otherwise have to secure new funding at each stage of production, testing and deployment. It’s the ideal payment model for organisations keeping an eye on cash flow and needing to easily prove DevOps ROI.


DevOps Experts on Demand


The biggest barrier to successful DevOps implementation is the scarcity of DevOps engineers. It’s no secret that DevOps professionals have a high churn rate, and DOaaS solves this problem by providing the expertise you need whenever you need it.

Partners like Kodez have already honed their team of DevOps engineers, who can be integrated into your team. With the experts on hand to manage DevOps for you, other business-critical operations aren’t left behind.


A Breadth of Cloud-Based Tooling


Given the range and complexity of DevOps tooling, it’s unrealistic for most organisations to house the variety needed for successful implementation on-premises. DOaaS lets you access the tools you need on-demand, no matter the size of your business.

Kodez has ongoing partnerships with Microsoft and AWS, as well as numerous specific DevOps tools. Leveraging these partnerships ensures smooth implementation and an ultimately successful methodology from the start.


Cost-Effective DevOps Solution


The trick to getting DevOps right is to lean on the expertise already available. With access to a pool of engineers skilled in multiple areas and a proven track record in developing DevOps strategies and implementations, all for a fixed monthly fee, Kodez makes DevOps easy and accessible for organisations of any size.

To find out more about how Kodez can cut the cost and boost the effectiveness of your DevOps strategy, book a consultation with the experts. In this consultation, you will learn where your weaknesses are and gain insight into how to address them.

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