Identity and Access Management

The need for an enterprise IAM solution for your business

Higher penetration of digital channels has led to an increased need for security.

Enterprises must adopt thorough practices for identity, but not let it get in the way customer experiences. The best identity experiences are those that keep customer data secure and ensure a frictionless journey.

How Kodez can help

Kodez has helped customers on several aspects of their identity strategy and implementation. We helped Seek to transition from Asp.Net Membership based identity backend to Auth0 with zero downtime. The entire application stack, which relied on Opaque tokens, was changed to work with transparent Auth0 JWTs. We helped migrate the users from the legacy SQL database to Auth0. It was a real winner with enhanced security, faster implementation and improved user experience. Our service offering is broad and not coupled to any particular vendor; so we can help you choose what best suits your identity needs. We assist with roadmaps and reference architectures to better manage the future of the identity setup. Running the  identity solution to ease the workload on your team is another area of our expertise.

Take the next step

Positive user experiences make great products even better. Stop letting security and identity concerns get in the way. Collaborate with Kodez to build an IAM platform that has customer security and enhanced user experience at its core!

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